Neighbourhood Renewal

Edmonton is comprised of a unique array of both mature decades old neighbourhoods and brand new neighbourhoods that are often still under development.  With the significant expansion of new neighbourhoods, much of the City’s infrastructure resources have been focused on providing municipal services to the newer neighbourhoods.  This has meant that mature neighbourhoods have often experienced extended periods without any large scale maintenance to its now much deteriorated infrastructure.

To resolve the issue of this deteriorating infrastructure in mature neighbourhoods, the Neighbourhood Renewal Program was developed as part of the Building Great Neighbourhoods initiative.  This program has developed a cost effective way to renew or rebuild roads, sidewalks and streetlights in Edmonton neighbourhoods and collector roadways.  It will allow over 150 neighbourhoods that require renewal or reconstruction work to receive the required work within the next 30 years.

Ward 3 has a number of neighbourhoods that require this work immediately, and I am happy to say that in the coming construction seasons several of these neighbourhoods will undergo the construction work that is required.  The 2013 construction season will see the Lago Lindo neighbourhood receiving overlay, which means the roadways will be repaved and the sidewalk panels will be treated to remove trip hazards. The Evansdale neighbourhood will receive this same work in the 2014 construction season.  The Kilkenny neighbourhood is scheduled to receive a complete renewal which means the roadways will be repaved, and the sidewalks and streetlights will be replaced.  Work in Kilkenny will begin in the 2017 construction season, and due to the large size of the neighbourhood will be completed in 2019.

In addition to the work that is planned for entire neighbourhoods, there are several individual Collector Roadways that are identified as requiring renewal work immediately, and have been prioritized to receive reconstruction work before the entire neighbourhood may require it.  In Ward 3, for the 2013 construction season these roadways include: 77 Street from 149a Avenue to 144 Avenue, 88 Street from 160a Avenue to 153 Avenue, 156 Avenue from 88 Street to 84 Street, and Ozerna Road from 73a Street to 158 Avenue.  In the 2014 construction season, 159 Avenue from 73a Street to 155 Avenue will receive Collector Roadway renewal.

Moving forward, I will work to help increase the funds available to the Neighbourhood Renewal Program to allow more neighbourhoods per season to receive the required construction and help reduce the wait time that many neighbourhoods are currently facing.

To find out further information on the Neighbourhood Renewal Reconstruction Program, please visit the City’s website at: