Ward 3 is comprised of seventeen unique neighbourhoods and many strong community leagues.  They are Baturyn, Beaumaris, Belle Rive, Canossa, Chambery, Dunluce, Eaux Claires, Elsinore, Evansdale, Kilkenny, Klarvatten, Lago Lindo, Lorelei, Mayliewan, Ozerna, Rapperswill and Schonsee.

In addition to the community leagues that serve Ward 3 neighbourhoods, the Castle Downs Recreation Society serves Baturyn, Canossa, Chambory, Dunluce, Elsinore, Lorelei and Beaumaris.  In Ward 2, Caernarvon, Carlisle, Cumberland and Oxford also belong.

A map of Ward 3's communities

A map of Ward 3’s communities