Update: Beaumaris Lake

Update: Beaumaris Lake

Update: Beaumaris Lake

Beaumaris Lake is the city's largest stormwater lake. The City has been doing maintenance at Beaumaris Lake on an ongoing basis, but since the lake is nearing the end of its service life, some of this maintenance is no longer enough. In response to the on-going issues regarding the conditions of Beaumaris Lake, the City of Edmonton has initiated a task force to respond to the concerns.

Under this initiative, Beaumaris Lake will be the first facility to have an overall condition assessment completed. This initiative will be used as a pilot model to address other issues regarding lakes in the city in the future.

The task team is divided into two working groups. Each working group is a collaboration between the drainage, transportation, and parks departments in the city. The initiative is headed by the drainage department.

The first working group will focus on short-term and immediate concerns regarding Beaumaris lake. This working group will be responding to regular maintenance needs of Beaumaris, as well as responding to any concerns that arise in the interim. As an example, this group will address concerns regarding the stairways and the brick pavers.

The second working group will focus on the medium and long term needs of Beaumaris., This working group will conduct the overall condition assessment of the lake, and will develop a pro-active approach to rehabilitation of the assets. This group will look at permanent solutions to infrastructure that experiences ongoing repairs, and using the results of the overall condition assessment, will develop a prioritized list of rehabilitation needs. This group will facilitate capital planning and ensure that the recommended projects have an approved budget in place to be able to implement these projects.

June 12, 2017: CBC News released this story about Beaumaris Lake, and it's assessment and planned rehabilitation. 

February 7, 2017: The "Beaumaris Lake Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation Plan" is out The information in this report will allow the City to develop an assessment methodology to be applied to Beaumaris and all other Stormwater Management Facilities (SWMF). Now that the report is complete the revitalization of this beautiful area is just around the corner. The revitalization project needed capital funds, which were not available in the current budget because there was a lack of information on how much rehabilitation would cost. Now that this report is done, costs are estimated, which means capital funds can be allocated to the project. Short, medium, and long-term capital projects have been selected for Beaumaris. To see my post on the full update on this report, click here. 

September 22, 2016: Elise Stolte published this piece on Beaumaris Lake, the concerns, what can be done, and what will be done.

August 16, 2016: Meeting regarding Beaumaris Lake Rehabilitation Project with project department. The barrier that fell over the August long weekend has been cleaned up and fenced off with more secure fencing. The docks are going to be fenced off with more secure fencing as well. One of the docks are fenced off because many of them require re-design. For them to be re-designed, there needs to be a public consultation process, which will happen during the design phase of the project. Additionally, the stairs on the south area of the lake are in need of replacing, and so it was decided to block off the worst areas, and maintain the smaller portion until a more permanent solution/design can be done.

Right now, the priority for Beaumaris Lake is safety. There are issues that need to be assessed that aren't visible (such as inlet piping, etc.) that need to be considered in the project. We realize that Beaumaris Lake is an important and valuable aspect of North Edmonton, and we want to keep it that way. If we do not address the issues with Beaumaris correctly, then there can be other issues that pop up, or the repairs may not last long-term.

The full rehabilitation work is planned to start in 2019. This is because the budget cycles for these types of projects are set for three years. This budget schedule ends in 2018 (2015-2018), and the next one starts 2019. All of the resources, both funding resources and personnel resources, have been allocated to other projects for this budget cycle. This is why the full rehabilitation cannot start. However, there are supplementary budgets that are approved on an annual basis that can be used for the maintenance of the land until then.

July 11, 2016: There are no scheduled "Major" work or improvements scheduled for this summer. The City is looking to take a more holistic approach of all the needs of Beaumaris Lake to ensure that all issues regarding the area will be addressed in an efficient manner, and to take this opportunity to look at any improvements to amenities. The major projects require more information and consultation (such as what will happen to the docks, etc.). Any safety issues will be addressed, such as temporary fencing, etc. Regular maintenance of the lake will continue throughout the summer.

April 27 2016: Meeting with residents who live near Beaumaris Lake was held to discuss opportunities for upgrades and improvements on the lake. The purpose is to use residential feedback from this meeting to inform the City's strategy going forward with the Beaumaris pilot project. Feedback was overall positive. Residents were able to highlight their greatest concerns for the area, as well as those areas that they utilize and enjoy the most.

April 4 2016: Community Engagement event regarding Beaumaris Lake Condition Assessment Project is booked for April 27 in the Castle Downs Pavilion from 4:30-7:30. Invitations will be sent out to residents in Lorelei-Beaumaris shortly informing them of the event.

October 28 2015: Stantec has been selected as the consultant for the "Beaumaris Lake Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation Plan Project".

May 25 2015: Most immediate maintenance concerns have been dealt with or are currently being dealt with. These include: Sand and gravel clean up, concrete stair repairs and installation of chain-link fencing, and tree removal. Some outstanding projects are light pole restoration work and some wooden lookout repairs.

The Beaumaris Lake Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation Plan is being prepared to go out for a Request for Proposal. The exact date has not been determined. This will involve overall condition assessment of the Lake and, will also look at options for the water park/fountain area, solutions for the promenade sink holes, and the wood decking platforms, many of which are closed and will require being redesigned. When it comes time for the redesigning process, there will be public consultation.

There are a couple of decks in Beaumaris that are closed. These will not be re-opened until a long-term solution can be implemented. These decks have been damaged because of high water levels, etc. and need to be repaired and designed to withstand such conditions.

March 31 2015: Crews have blocked off a majority of the stairs at Beaumaris Lake. They are still accessible, but crews have blocked off the majority of the stairs for safety reasons. This measure is temporary.