Levels of Government

There are three different levels of government in Canada: municipal, provincial and federal. Each level of government has different responsibilities. For example, the City of Edmonton is responsible for roadway maintenance, the Government of Alberta is responsible for health services and the Government of Canada is responsible for immigration. Many non-governmental organizations exist to helping people.

The City of Edmonton



Responsibilities of the City of Edmonton include: urban land use planning, infrastructure planning like road development (within city limits) and light rail transit (LRT), road and snow maintenance, drainage operations and bylaw enforcement.

The City of Edmonton is not responsible for education, immigration and employment, health care services, criminal law and banks among other things.

City Council

City Council and Committee Meetings
Request to Speak at a Council or Committee Meeting

City Departments

Office of the City Manager
Citizen Services
City Operations
Communications & Engagement
Financial & Corporate Services
Integrated Infrastructure Services
Sustainable Development

Programs, Plans and Initiatives

The Way Ahead: City of Edmonton Strategic Plans 2009-2018

The Government of Alberta



Responsibilities include health care, hospitals, housing, education, advanced education and social services

Your MLA in Ward 3

You can look up your MLA by entering your address here


If you live west of 97 Street, your MLA for Edmonton-Castle Downs is Nicole Goehring 

If you live east of 97 Street, your MLA for Edmonton-Decore is Chris Nielsen


The Government of Canada


Your MP in Ward 3

You can look up your MP by entering your postal code here


If you live west of Castle Downs Road or west of 97 St, and north of 137 Ave, your MP for Edmonton-St Albert is Michael Cooper - http://michaelcoopermp.ca/

If you live east of Castle Downs Road or east of 97 Street and north of 153 Ave, your MP for Edmonton-Manning is Ziad Aboultaif - http://ziadaboultaif.ca/

If you live east of 127 Street or east of Castle Downs Road and south of 153 Ave, your MP for Edmonton-Griesbach is Kerry Diotte - http://www.kerrydiotte.com/