We appreciate Dave's no-nonsense, outspoken voice on City Council. He has worked hard to make Edmonton a safer and more modern city!  His involvement in Vision Zero , Ice District, and North Edmonton LRT expansion are only few examples of this. He communicates regularly with his Ward, keeping us well informed of initiatives. He is a tireless advocate for the constitutes in Ward 3. He says what needs to be said and isn't afraid of a tough fight. He relentlessly faces tough challenges. Dave continues to be what Ward 3 needs!

Brad and Sue Tywoniuk in Beaumaris

Councillor Dave Loken has been a strong representative for Ward 3 in Council. He says what he believes and stands by his principles. Over the years I’ve found Dave to be incredibly responsive, accessible, and genuine. For all of these reasons and more I’m supporting Dave Loken for re-election in Ward 3.

Mustafa Ali, Baturyn Resident

Dave Loken has a proven track record as a individual committed to improving our city,  especially the communities in North Edmonton that make up Ward 3.  Over the years in my role as the Lago Lindo Community League President, Dave has been extremely helpful in helping our organization navigate through issues important to our community members, he has always been an advocate of the members in his ward at council, and is actively involved as a volunteer in the community.  In his role as a city councillor, Dave Loken has been working to connect both community and business leaders together which has provided these organizations the ability to hear first hand what the city is working on so we can share that with our members and to ensure our concerns are his concerns at council.  His work has also created the ability for these organizations that would otherwise unconnected a chance to collaborate and share ideas to problems they are currently facing with others that may have already experienced the same issues.  Dave has been an active participant in our communities events and meetings, and I'm extremely hopeful our ward will have the privilege to continue to be represented by Mr. Loken again after this election and I personally encourage everyone, especially those that live in the communities that make up the Lago Lindo Community League which are part of Ward 3, to come out and show your support for Dave Loken on October 16.

Chris Buchanan Lago Lindo Community League President

Dave Loken is a tireless booster for the city of Edmonton. From the mundane work of traffic flows, community planning and policing issues, to the sublime accomplishment of helping make the arena district a glowing reality, Mr. Loken is a builder and dreamer who has the vision and follow-through to make Edmonton an even better place to live. My family and I will be checking "Dave Loken" on the ballot box once again this fall to help secure an even better future for our great city. So should you!

Garth E. Collins, Dunluce Resident