REACH/Safe Communities

There are many challenges that a city faces when it grows at a rate in which Edmonton has.  While I would like to say that with all the growth we are experiencing, only well meaning and constructive individuals are being attracted to our City.  Sadly, that is not the case.  With these undesirable individuals who see an opportunity to gain quick access to the wealth that is being produced in the region being drawn to Edmonton, far too often illicit activity is the means to gain access to the wealth and the common outcome includes crime and violence.  To ensure there is a reduction of this activity, we must rely on our Police Force to work diligently and thoroughly to prevent this activity from spreading, and I am confident this is happening.   However, we cannot place the entirety of our expectations solely on the police to solve this problem, and we as community members must take on some responsibility to diminish the criminal activity that is taking place.

This is where the great work of REACH Edmonton  comes into play.  REACH is a not-for-profit community organization that is working to make Edmonton a safer city through a number of crime prevention initiatives.  This organization has a vision in which every Edmontonian contributes to a community where everyone is safe and feels safe.  This is something that I strongly advocate for and I am very proud to act as an advisor to the REACH Edmonton board.  I see the good work that this organization does every day, and the great potential that exists with its members and their programs.  With the goal of creating a city that is safe for anyone and everyone, I will work to build REACH as an organization and to help them to continue to produce successes through their innovative programs.