Northlands Update


On Tuesday, March 15, 2016 Council passed an 11 point motion that is intended to explore options and assess the scenario surrounding Northlands and the proposed changes to Rexall Place, The Expo Centre, and Northland’s Park horse racing track. Everything surrounding Northlands is in its beginning stages and is still on the table for discussion.

The motion is intended to assess the viability of the proposal from not only a monetary point of view, but also from a technical, and community perspective.  As it stands nothing regarding the proposal and budget or debt forgiveness has been finalized.  Options from administration on this matter will be brought to Council at the end of August, 2016.

Personally, I see many options for the Northlands grounds and would be prepared to entertain ideas such as adding a casino, hotel, or anything else that would generate revenue to the property. Currently, however, everything is still to be considered.

I believe that the Northland’s Expo Centre is well equipped to generate profit, and therefore should provide a revenue stream with which to service its debt.  Come August, the discussion will once more take place. Thank you for your patience as me and the rest of Council take into consideration the future of an important Edmonton site.