I have been the Chair of Donate-A-Ride since the fall of 2013 and enjoy promoting its program through an annual fundraising campaign. We advertise on buses and trains, offer different methods for citizens to donate, and we have a media launch in late December every year. We also have sponsorship packages and promotional brochures to distribute to interested parties.

For this program to be successful, it must have the support of key players in civic government, not just one or two champions. For Edmonton, the success of Donate-a-Ride has been possible due to the on-going support of the Mayor and City Council, our transit branch, and key personnel in other areas, and of course the sponsors who’s financial contribution makes it all possible.

Donate-A-Ride is led by a Steering Committee made up of representatives from City Council, civic unions, administration, the business community, and the United Way. Many of the committee members represent groups who were founding sponsors of the program, and have continued to participate over its lifespan. Without support from various sectors, it would have been difficult to launch the program and achieve as much success as we have had to date.

The Donate-A-Ride program is in its 18th year of providing ETS bus tickets to community agencies which distribute them to low-income Edmonton families. Since 1996 , Donate-A-Ride has helped senior citizens, students, and low income families have access to travel within the city, whether that is getting to a doctors appointment, going to school or making it to a job interview. There are many recipient agencies that distribute the tickets and the Donate-A-Ride campaign is giving 85,060 ETS tickets worth $198,396 to 60 Edmonton local charities.

Donate-A-Ride is a charitable program and has distributed a total of 1,103,142 tickets valued at $2,093,410 since its inception. It is through the generosity of sponsors and donors that this program is able to help provide urgent, short-term travel assistance to thousands of Edmontonians every year. In addition to Donate-A-Ride major sponsors, the campaign is made possible through generous donations from the wider community. We’re very pleased that the Donate-A-Ride campaign is able to provide transportation support to the many social services in Edmonton that are committed to improving lives in our community.  For more information about Donate-A-Ride please visit