Winter City Strategy

One of the most beautiful characteristics of Edmonton is that we have four distinct seasons.  We get to watch and experience the weather change and with these changes come different festivities and outdoor activities that are unique to each of the particular weather conditions.  Many may argue that winter is a frustrating and maybe even a depressing time, and some may even go as far as to purchase winter homes in warmer locations or go on lengthy vacations to escape the subzero conditions.  The City of Edmonton is taking the approach that we need to embrace the opportunity that comes with every season, including winter.  That is, we need to make the best out of any situation and love all that our City has to offer, even if it may be a little chilly by times.

I am excited to now be a part of the City of Edmonton’s Winter City Strategy that is currently developing ways for citizens, businesses and City Administration to work together and highlight approaches in which to enjoy the winter season.  This strategy lays out some of the fun and active opportunities that are available in Edmonton during the winter months that are unique to our area and should be embraced.   I see such great opportunity with this strategy and look forward to being a part of encouraging Edmontonians to support our winter and enjoy everything that it has to offer, and to help build a love for the season that some currently feel is a burden.

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