community traffic safety award

This morning I was truly honoured to present the Community Traffic Safety Award to Liane Langlois, of the Alberta Motorcycle Safety Society. Two years ago, Liane took notice of the high number of crashes involving motorcycles and decided to do something about it. She worked tirelessly to create public awareness, and through the connections she made with local media, she was able to establish the Alberta Motorcycle Safety Society two years ago.

This organization goes above and beyond to educate riders about motorcycle safety and also partners with many groups to ensure their messages reaches as many people as possible!

Many local media personalities are motorcycle enthusiasts and Liane has worked with them to do live TV appearances and voice personal messages for the motorcycle safety cause, raising the profile of motorcycle safety throughout the city and around the province.

The Alberta Motorcycle Safety Society gained further recognition this spring, when they partnered with the City’s Vision Zero initiative, for the launch of Motorcycle Safety Month in May, an event I have been part of for the past two years. For the event, Liane once again worked diligently to ensure several major media outlets were at the launch and that motorcycle safety was top of mind for all riders in the province.

The Alberta Motorcycle Safety Society is successful because of Liane’s vision and dedication to the project. She puts in countless hours each month helping build the Alberta Motorcycle Safety Society into a full-fledged safety organization.

Liane’s dedication to the Alberta Motorcycle Safety Society is exactly the type of work in our community that will help make Vision Zero a reality.

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