Beaumaris Revitalization

Beaumaris Lake is the city’s largest storm water lake. The City has been doing maintenance at Beaumaris Lake on an ongoing basis, but since the lake is nearing the end of its service life, some of this maintenance is no longer enough. I have been advocating and pushing for improvements to Beaumaris Stormwater Lake since 2014. Due to the work of administration and myself, the lake will be a pilot project for how all stormwater ponds in the City of Edmonton will be revitalized. This means that Beaumaris Lake will get the extra attention I know it needs.

Now that the full Beaumaris Lake Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation Plan is complete, the revitalization of this beautiful area is just around the corner.

Beaumaris Lake revitalization is going to cost an estimated total of $5.72 million. It is a large project that is going to take time and money. This money requires being included in the capital budget. The capital budget is set in 3 year periods, with the next one starting in 2018. I am confident that Beaumaris Lake will receive this funding from the capital budget, as it is an important area of the city, and is going to be the pilot project that other lakes will be modeled after in the future. I will fight to ensure that Beaumaris Lake is included in this budget.

The revitalization of Beaumaris Lake is going to be divided into three phases: short term projects will last as long as 1-3 years; medium term projects will last 3-10 years; and the long-term projects will take 10+ years.

I am excited about what the future of Beaumaris Lake will be. I know that the road to completion may seem longer than anyone wants it to be, but anything that is worth having is worth waiting for. I am thrilled to know that once Beaumaris Lake has undergone its revitalization that it will be enjoyed by generations to come.