Dave was elected to represent Ward 3 on the Edmonton City Council in October of 2010.  Dave campaigned for and continues to advocate for the building of a city on the principles of smart urban design, expansion of the current transit system, and investing in neighbourhoods to insure that citizens at all stages of life have quality infrastructure and a safe environment to live in.

In addition to sitting on Council, Dave currently sits on the on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee where he is the Vice Chair, the Community Standards and License Appeal Committee and the Contaminated Gas Station Task Force.

After being elected to Council, Dave was appointed to the Edmonton Police Commission, to represent Edmonton City Council on the Police Commission.  The Police Commission oversees the Edmonton Police Service and helps to establish policies that provide direction for the operation of the police force, and ensure that Edmonton remains a safe and crime free.  On the Commission, Dave acts not only as a voting member, but as a liaison to City Council to ensure that the other Councillors are informed of the business of the Edmonton Police Service.

To further ensure Edmonton is a safe community to live in, in January of 2013 Dave was appointed to be an advisor to the REACH Edmonton Board.  REACH is a not-for-profit community organization that is focused on ensuring every Edmontonian contributes to a community where everyone is safe and feels safe.  This vision is worked at through crime prevention initiatives.

In October of 2010, Dave was appointed to represent City Council on the Edmonton Salutes Committee.  Edmonton Salutes is an organization that promotes and recognizes the local military community and its contributions toward world peace and stability, both at home and abroad.  Edmonton Salutes provides an opportunity to highlight and pay tribute to the important role that our military personnel and their families, play in our City and the Capital Region.  Ward 3 has a large population of military families, and therefore this committee is a good fit for Dave.

Since 2007, Dave has been a member of the Donate-A-Ride steering committee.  The Donate-A-Ride program provides transit tickets to Edmontonians who currently face financial barriers to allow them to access the Edmonton Transit System, and ensure that some of Edmonton’s most vulnerable citizens can access City resources and be active members of our society.

Dave sat on the Fort Edmonton Management Company from its inception in April of 2009 till May 2013.  The Fort Edmonton Management Company operates Fort Edmonton on behalf of the City of Edmonton which owns the buildings, property and artifacts of Fort Edmonton Park.  A key role of the Fort Edmonton Management Company is fundraising to support the capital development of the Park.

Prior to running for City Council, Dave represented more than 8,500 City of Edmonton employees while working for a coalition of five civic unions. In addition to monitoring City Council meetings, he lobbied council on employee issues and acted as a liaison between city employees and managers. Dave also worked for the City’s Drainage and Transportation department while a university student.

A consensus builder with extensive experience in high-level decision making, Dave understands the complexities of civic government and the decision-making process. He is professionally trained in conflict resolution and negotiation; in 2010, Dave received a Masters Degree in Conflict Analysis & Management from Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia.

Dave and his wife Camille have four grown sons, including one who lives in the community of Lago Lindo with his family.  Since a close member of his family has experienced the reality of reduced memory capacity, Dave has tirelessly been involved in fundraising campaigns related to Alzheimer’s disease research.